XML : Ajouter des commentaires


  1. Comment tags are two parts, the part starting the comment and the part ending it. First, add the first part of the comment tag <!--
  2. Write whatever comment you would like – just make sure you don’t nest comments within other comments (see tips for more details).
  3. Close the comment tag -->


  1. Comments cannot come at the very top of your document. In XML, only the XML declaration can come first:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. Comments may not be nested one inside another. You must close your first comment before you open a second.
  3. Comments cannot occur within tags, e.g. <tag ></tag>.
  4. Never use the two dashes (–) anywhere but at the beginning and end of your comments.
  5. Anything in comments is effectively invisible to the XML parser, so be very careful that what remains is still valid and well-formed.

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